Personalised jewellery as an anniversary gift

April 25, 2015

My most recent order was for a seventh anniversary gift in copper, one of the traditional seventh anniversary gifts. 

A fair number of other metals also feature as traditional anniversary gifts. For the full list of gifts which includes not only metals but gemstones and other items, look over here. Here’s my summary for metals plus my personal note re availability:

  • 6th – iron – not stocked
  • 7th – copper – YES
  • 8th – bronze – YES
  • 10th – tin/aluminum – aluminum is not one of my regular metals but could be acquired
  • 11th – steel – stainless steel is not one of my regular metals but could be acquired
  • 25th – silver – YES (sterling silver, Argentium, fine silver)
  • 50th – gold – YES. gold-filled is readily available and 9 carat gold is special order only

For further ideas, look at the list of modern gifts which coincide here and there with the traditional list.

Here’s another list which sets out the traditional and modern lists side by side – there are many references to metals in the modern list: Some of the other gifts are quite amusing!

Here’s my modern list summary for metals:

  • 1st – gold jewellery
  • 7th – brass
  • 14th – gold jewellery
  • 16th – silver hollow-ware
  • 19th – bronze
  • 20th – platinum
  • 21st – brass/nickel
  • 22nd – copper
  • 23rd – silverplate (I stock silver-filled metal which is better than silverplate but not solid silver)
  • 25th – sterling silver
  • 50th – gold
  • 60th – gold
  • 75th – gold


My main blog is at WordPress

March 10, 2015
I love the fact that my website has the facility for this embedded blog but I think I should let you know that my main blog is hosted at WordPress and you will find it over here. You will find older blog posts over there. 
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New Website

March 10, 2015
I am excited to announce the launch of my new website in March 2015! It has the same website address but the content has been built up from scratch: nothing like starting with a fresh slate! I hope you enjoy the browsing experience!
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Chantel McCabe My clients commission me to make treasured keepsake jewellery to be worn close to their hearts. I work mainly in sterling silver, Argentium sterling silver, 9 carat gold and gold-filled. Bronze and copper also feature in my work. I specialise in thicker, more substantial pieces that stand the test of time and allow for stamping on both sides. My keepsakes are often worn daily for years!

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