Making jewellery and anniversary keyrings, particularly for my Perth (Western Australia) customers, is my main activity as is evidenced by the rest of this website, but alongside my love of stamped metal, personalised and vegan jewellery is surface design!

I have never been one to confine myself to one discipline. In 2015, I started indulging my interest in pattern design, also known as surface design. I do this using Photoshop and Illustrator. Designs can be done from scratch using these programs or you can scan in your own artwork and turn them into patterns. This is handy as I do like painting and drawing too!This work is also branded under my name, Chantel McCabe. Some examples of my work are featured below. Goods, featuring my designs, such as fabrics, wrapping paper, pillows, bags, duvet covets, wall clocks, shower curtains, etc can be purchased from the following print-on-demand websites, Society6 and Spoonflower.  Examples of my surface designs can also be found on Instagram and Pattern Camp's weekly challenge round ups ... not that I have been able to participate every week!

I am also planning to use my own fabric designs in my own handmade items. This is done by using fabric ordered from Spoonflower in the United States of America. I am thinking of ways to combine these interests of making stamped jewellery, pattern design and sewing ... perhaps somehow make my own jewellery bags or rolls? The possibilities are endless!

I'm also planning  a new range of planner supplies (planner as in Filofax!) so watch out for further announcements on this page.

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