Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Here are some answers to some common questions

  • COPPER - cleaning copper jewellery? If there are no gemstones on the piece, copper jewellery can be cleaned very quickly and effectively by dipping it surprisingly briefly in a solution of warm salt and vinegar. Simply heat up a couple of centimetre of plain white vinegar in a microwave safe container in the microwave and dissolve a little salt in it (maybe about a teaspoon). Swirl your copper jewellery briefly in the solution and the tarnish will disappear like magic! Some people using this technique without the salt or clean their copper jewellery with tomato sauce!
  • GOLD - why do 9 carat gold orders take longer than sterling silver orders? 9 carat gold is ordered from my metal merchant in Sydney as and when I receive orders from my customers. Besides having to have the gold sent to me, they sometimes have to manufacture the piece of gold especially for me in order to fulfill your order. This process could add on a further week or two to the order.
  • GOLD - why are all styles that you have in silver not offered in 9 carat gold? The reason for this is that I cannot source all of the exact same styles in 9 carat gold so my range of 9 carat gold designs is completely separate to my sterling silver designs. However, certain of my silver designs can be replicated to a certain extent in gold-filled metal.
  • STAMPED JEWELLERY versus ENGRAVED JEWELLERY - I make personalised stamped metal jewellery. i do not make engraved jewellery. Stamping involves the individual placement of steel metal alphabet pins on  piece of metal which are then struck with some force to make an impression on the metal jewellery being made. Due to the individual placement of the letter pins, there is sometimes an element of wonkiness but I do try my best to avoid this and keep wonkiness to the bare minimum. The process of stamping does not remove metals, as happens with engraving, but rather it moves the metal. Sometimes the move is discernible but most often not. Engraving can either be done by hand or by using a computerised sytem. If you need perfection with no room for error, for example if you need something of your own personalised, I recommend engraving. 


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